Choosing The Best Cot Quilt For Your Baby

When you are expecting and trying to create the best possible environment for your newborn, it is important to take everything into consideration. The type of paint used for the cot, what colours to paint the walls and what fabric to use for the bedding and cot quilts. You want the best for you new baby, and with a little bit of planning and knowledge, achieving a healthy, safe baby room is easy.images (9)

Bedding is the most important aspect of the baby room as it is where your new born will be spending the most time and sleeping in close contact with new materials. The last thing you want is to be picking is fabrics that may be uncomfortable or even harmful for your baby. Man-made synthetic fibres can be very harmful for your baby. They can cause skin irritations and contain suspect chemicals used for treatment of the fabric. Regular cotton, used in cot quilts, is sprayed with pesticide that you definitely do not want your newborn breathing in.Visit custom pram liners for more details .

Avoiding allergic reaction, skin irritations and dangers to your child is as easy as picking the right fabrics. One of the healthiest and most comfortable fabric for cot quilts is a natural product such as silk. Silk cot quilts are organic, pesticide free and eco-friendly as well as making for a more comfortable sleep. The fabric is light, soft and it breathes, which means it will not trap in moisture or make your baby overheat. The fabric is naturally hypo-allergenic too. It is inhospitable to dust mites that cause nasty skin irritations, and leave waste and other unwanted things to accumulate in your baby’s bedding.

Silk is an organic, light and soft fabric, perfect for cot quilts and for keeping your baby healthy. It helps asthma sufferers and people with allergies, so you can be sure that your newborn will have a healthy, happy and comfortable night’s sleep.

The cot is your baby’s most important place in the house. It is where they will spend the most time, often unsupervised aside from the baby monitor, so you want to ensure it is the most comfortable and healthy it can be. A silk cot quilt is light, comfortable, hypoallergenic and it breathes. As it is dust free it also requires less cleaning – an added bonus! Pick the best fabric for the most important person in your life; they deserve it.