Buy Solo Ads- An Intro

Solo ads are one of the most powerful advertising tools you can use for quick and easy advertising. Unfortunately the true power of using solo ads to advertise your website is falling well below what it could be. A lot of emphasis has been placed on the ‘how to write a solo ad’, but very little practical help on what to do to increase the effectiveness of solo ads. While the writing of a solo ad is very important, there is still another mountain to climb. Picture this…

1Let’s say you have just written the world’s greatest solo ad. It has just been published to an email list of about 15,000 targeted readers. Your ad is so good that you receive over 6,000 unique visitors. Does that mean that the ad was effective? Does that mean that the job was well done? At first glance it would seem that the ad was a smashing success. Most people would be ecstatic with this type of performance from an ad. But, let’s look a little closer at the results. Let’s say out of those 6,000 visitors you made only 10 sales. Is that still a smashing success?

The Effectiveness of a Solo Ad is judged by the Most Wanted Response
Traffic is one thing. If that’s all you ever wanted. But, what good is traffic is nothing happens with it. Solo ads are a tremendous vehicle for receiving quality, targeted traffic but they have to work together with what you want the traffic to do. This is called your Most Wanted Response (MWR). This is what you write your solo ad around.

2To boost your solo ad’s effectiveness keep in mind your MWR and you’ll see an amazing increase in your profits. In writing thousands of solo ads this is the formula I use in writing solo ads around the MWR.

What will get people to come back
For real solo ad power you have to realize that it costs more to advertise to the same person over and over again. So, when writing your ad with the MWR in mind, think of what you can offer to the visitor when they show up. One of the best things is an ezine, or some sort of mailing list where you can keep in touch with the person over and over again.

Another great tool to use is a multi part ‘how to’ course, or autoresponder series. By having something like this available on the page that the visitors will be coming to you are dramatically increasing the effectiveness of the buy solo ads.

When I am writing an ad for a client I always look at the site to see what it has to offer visitors when they get there. I never focus on the product. I always focus on what the site offers. People don’t want to hear about another fantastic product they can’t do without. But, they will always like hearing about some new information. Use that as your MWR.

Focus on one page
A lot of solo ads pretty much focus on the wrong things. Like I mentioned above, people do focus on the product which tends to decrease the overall effectiveness of the solo ad, but they also focus on the wrong page.

Think about what will appeal to your target visitor. Is it going to be the home page? Will it be the page where you have a free offer? Will it be a page where a previous customer gives a tremendous recommendation? Think about what page you want the visitor to go there and don’t mention any other pages. Some solo ads mention several pages in an attmept to cover the entire field. This only leads to confusion on the part of the reader. Have one page as the focus of the ad.

Don’t forget about the reader
3Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes I have to tell a client that the way the current website is, no ad will be effective. I get the usual, “Well, that’s your opinion!” only to be followed a few weeks later with, “What do I have to do to make it better?”.

See, an ad all by itself is just an ad. It really doesn’t do a lot. Yes, it sends people to your site, but if your site isn’t geared to accept the reader of the ad… nothing happens. Don’t forget about the person reading your ad. They are real people. If your site is set up with absolutely no coherent information, is confusing, and leads people to nowhere, then your ad is just a waste of your money and other people’s time.

Once someone leaves your ad and is ready to do something at your site, make it easy for them. The overall effectiveness of a solo ad is what happens when the person lands on your site. If you can understand this one simple tip you will see a major impact on your results. Solo ads are very powerful advertising tools. Use them right and there is no limit to the amount of success you can achieve.

The Bankruptcy Decision

Negotiations with creditors have failed. Repossession is imminent and foreclosure proceedings have begun. Your income is simply not sufficient to pay your bills, no matter how low the payments are. It may be time to consider bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy law evolved as a reaction to the abuses surrounding debtors prison. Before the nineteenth century a prison system existed for those who didn’t pay their bills. If a merchant filed a claim, the debtor was incarcerated until his debts were paid. (Women were not found in debtor’s prison, not because of chivalry but because they did riot have the ability to borrow). image-20160914-4983-4rp51tThe lender was legally responsible for the expenses of the prison stay, including food, but seldom paid. After all, a debtor would have to sue in order to enforce this law, and it was rather difficult to sue when in prison. As a result, many borrowers languished in prison for years, surviving on what their family could bring to them or, in many cases, simply starving to death. Although some lenders would doubtless not object to the renewal of debtor’s prison, fortunately we live in more enlightened times. Bankruptcy was created to provide a second chance (or third, or fourth) to those hopelessly in debt It provides a mechanism to wipe the slate clean and begin anew. As times have changed, though, so has the bankruptcy code. Not all debts can be wiped out. The proceedings can be easily disqualified in the event of improper procedures. There are many things a debtor should know before resorting to bankruptcy.

The Bankruptcy Decision
There are two kinds of individual bankruptcy: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 bankruptcy, named for the chapter number in the bankruptcy code, requires a full liquidation of all debts and cancels all no-exempt debts. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is essentially a court-mandated payment plan that sets up affordable monthly payments to your creditors,

The decision to declare bankruptcy is not an easy one. Unfortunately, many bankruptcy attorneys recommend bankruptcy to just about anyone they consult with. All too often frightened consumers are advised to declare bankruptcy just to avoid a few debts. bankruptcy-750x400This is a mistake. Bankruptcy should truly be a last resort as the legal system meant it to be. A bankruptcy appears on your credit for ten years, and although lending criteria are slowly changing, many lenders will not even consider an applicant who has had a bankruptcy. What’s more, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can cost you most of your property. Before making a decision to declare bankruptcy, estimate how bad your situation really is. On a piece of paper, make a list of all your assets and the approximate value they could be sold for. On the other side, add up all of your debts. If the debts exceed the assets by a large percentage, you may wish to consider bankruptcy. On the other hand, if it seems that your situation may improve (you may get a new job or a second income), or if your assets are of greater value or close in value to your debts, a different approach may be appropriate.