Everything You Need to Know About Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Understanding The Basic Terms

Image result for  Fiber Optic CableDead end pole: Dead end pole is a utility pole on which self-supporting figure 8 aerial cable or a steel messenger is tensioned and terminated into a dead-end fixture.
Messenger span: Messenger span refers to the length of continuous steel messenger tensioned between two dead-end poles.
Intermediate poles: Intermediate poles are all the poles between two dead-end poles.
Careful planning and preparation are necessary before any aerial cable installations. During the cable route survey, representatives from all necessary parties including utilities, street depart, etc should be present. Before even detailed planning begins, approval should be get from all involved parties. Sufficient clearance for new cable along the right of way should be confirmed during the route survey.Visit  https://ob-one.com/ for more details .
Existing poles should be used whenever possible in order to save cost.
Where on a pole to place the aerial fiber optic cable? Fiber optic cables weigh less than equivalent copper cables and also sag less, so fiber optic cables should occupy the uppermost available communications space on a pole.
Sufficient clearances must be maintained between fiber optic cables and electrical power cables on joint-use poles. You need to refer to current National Electrical Safety Code for the proper clearances.
Existing dead-end pole must be evaluated to see whether they can withstand the stresses during aerial cable installation. You have to evaluate whether temporary guying is needed in order to relieve the temporary unbalanced loading during cable installation.
Splice locations. Splice locations are usually selected during the cable route survey. They are chosen to allow for the longest possible continuous cable spans and a minimum number of splices. They should be easily accessible to a splicing vehicle.
Aerial installation should never be done in wet conditions. And make sure all personnel are properly trained for pole line work.
Fiber optic cables (including all dielectric cables) should be properly grounded when installed in the vicinity of high-voltage power cables.
Fiber optic cable aerial installation can be done in two ways

Lashing a fiber optic cable to a steel messenger

A steel messenger is first installed between the poles. Then a cable reel trailer and truck are used to pull the cable along the messenger. A cable guide and cable lasher are used to wrap around both the messenger and the fiber cable to secure the fiber cable to the messenger. Following the cable lasher is an aerial bucket truck which makes necessary adjustments.Image result for Fiber Optic Cable

At each pole, the fiber optic cable forms an expansion loop to allow for expansion of the messenger. The expansion loop’s sizes have both a length and a depth, its length should be larger than twice its depth. The fiber cable should also maintain its minimum bending radius at all times.

Direct installation of self-supporting figure 8 aerial fiber optic cables

Self-supporting (Figure-8) optical fiber cables greatly simplifies the task of placing fiber optic cables onto a aerial plant. The self-supporting figure-8 cable incorporates both a steel messenger and the fiber cable into a single jacket of Figure-8 cross section.

The combination of strand and optical fiber into a single cable allows rapid one-step installation and results in a more durable aerial plant.

Benefits of Vinyl Replacement Windows


images (9)Vinyl replacement windows are a great way to increase the resale value, curb-appeal, and style of your home. Early vinyl replacement windows were not very popular, but advances in design and improved technology have made vinyl windows a desirable addition to homes everywhere. Many of today’s replacement windows meet requirements that older wood-frame and metal windows couldn’t possibly match.

Probably the greatest benefit of today’s vinyl windows is the quality of construction. These high-quality windows are fusion-welded at the corners to form a structurally sound frame. The frames themselves are strong, watertight, and airtight.If you would like to learn more about this, visit their website at  http://zenwindowssaintlouis.com/wildwood .

Another great benefit of vinyl windows is that they will never need sealing or painting, as traditional wood windows do. The vinyl window frames are extremely durable and will withstand fading and discoloration much better than wood frames.

The high quality of today’s vinyl windows can also offer superior security over older windows. Many vinyl replacement windows are available with a wide range of locking devices designed to give your home exceptional security.

Today’s vinyl replacement windows use high-grade products and ingenuity to deliver high-performance. Most vinyl windows use double or triple-paned glass units. These units create an insulation barrier of air, which provides protection from damaging elements, higher energy-efficiency, and greater sound protection.

images (9)These airtight layers of protection are key to the high standards of energy-efficiency that today’s vinyl replacement windows offer. Each manufacturer’s windows are submitted to an energy-efficiency test conducted by a government-backed program. These tests are meant to determine the window’s U-value, or U-factor.

The U-value is a measurement that represents the rate in which heat passes through the window. The lower the U-value assigned to the window, the lower the amount of heat allowed to pass through the window. The windows with the lowest U-value receive Energy-Star ratings, which can be claimed as a tax write-off. These windows can offer tremendous savings on monthly electric bills, by keeping in heat or cool air.

Ease of Use
The function of vinyl windows also typically last longer than wood-frame windows. This is because wood will tend to swell and retract in reaction to changes in temperature and humidity. Over time, this swelling and retraction may cause the wooden window frame to become misshapen. If this happens, the window will become more difficult to slide or close properly.

Choice of Options
Vinyl replacement windows come in a large variety of styles, sizes, and colors. All replacement windows are custom-made in order to properly match your home’s existing windows, so size is no hindrance.

Replacement windows are available in many styles, including casement windows, double-hung windows, bay and bow windows, and sliders with two, three, or more sashes. At first, vinyl windows were only manufactured in white, but today most manufacturers offer many color options to match the existing features of your home. Windows can be ordered with solid colors, two-toned, or with wood-grains. You can even purchases windows with one color on the exterior, and with a wood-grain finish on the interior.

Counting on Coin Counting Machines!

8If you are in a business where the cash registers keep ringing with coins, having a coin counting machine can prove to be a worthwhile investment. These machines are easily available and highly reliable. Found in banking institutions and business organizations that rely on daily tallying of the cash counters, these machines were launched way back as an innovative effort to help employees calculate the exact amount without having to rely on the accuracy of human counting. There are several types of money counting machines that can count coins as well as currency notes. You have to invest in the option that best suits your requirements.

Why do you need it?
You may want to ask why to invest in a coin counting machine when you can easily allot the job to one of your employees. Well, the answer is simple. Even when you allot the job to an employee there is no guarantee of zero error. In fact, your employees could end up betraying you in terms of totaling the amount. This could prove to be fatal for your business in the long run.

Is it expensive?
Coin Counting machines are accurate and yet highly affordable. When you calculate the long term returns, it proves to be a worthwhile investment. Also, the biggest advantage of coin counting machines is that they do the job in a matter of seconds without compromising on the accuracy of the result. What’s more is that it is a one-time investment that can count in multiple currencies. Click here coincountingmachine.

9Personal counters are available as well
If you think that you are dealing with small amounts of currency and don’t require the expensive machines, you can always invest in a personal coin counter. This is not a very big investment and still does the same job with equal accuracy. Amazing, isn’t it?

Clear LCD displays
The coin counting machines are installed with clear LCD displays so that you don’t have to rely on any third party to tell you the actual number. This saves time and improves accuracy as well. Additionally, there are many types of coin counting machines that come with an in-built memory that automatically save the last counted number.

breeze eastern corp – Insights

images (3)

HEMS means helicopter emergency medical services. If you live anywhere near a town of more than 100,000 people or so, or have seen a helicopter landing at an accident scene, or the local hospital, you’re seeing HEMS in action. This is an overview of those operations, details on who the operators, pilots, medical staff and assorted other personnel who make those HEMS aircraft fly, and what makes them a vital part of the health care system.By clicking we get more information about the breeze eastern mro.

With all the discussion these days about the health care delivery system in this country, it’s likely that at some point various individual systems and operations will come under scrutiny. What’s even more likely, given the expense and highly visible nature of helicopters in the emergency rescue business, is that those aircraft and the various hospitals which have them will be studied in depth. Fortunately, and I use that term advisedly, helicopters and their utilization in industries of all types have been scrutinized for years, dismissed as ‘royal yachts’, relegated to the peripheral and luxurious category by those who misunderstand their utility. This article attempts to address some of the issues surrounding HEMS aircraft and the various operational considerations that seem to impact the national health care debate.

images (4)First, let me advance a disclaimer of sorts. I flew a HEMS operation in Iowa for twenty years. During that time I carried over 3,200 patients aboard my helicopter, in all manner of weather, in sunniest day, and darkest night. I saw every kind of patient known to modern medicine from cardiacs, trauma, medical emergency, electric shock, drowning, neonatal, cancer complications, stabbings, shootings, farm accidents, suicide attempts you name it I flew it. Unless someone has invented a different way to maim themselves since I stopped flying, it’s likely I’ve seen it all. So I can speak with some authority.

That said, I offer this criticism of the industry, just so you know I’m trying to be objective. I’ll be the first ex-HEMS pilot to tell you that there are too many helicopter rescue operations in this country. Nationwide there are over 200 such programs, serving 180 different hospitals, some with fewer than 200 beds. Given the million dollar price tag for a standard single engine aircraft operation, with peripheral personnel and logistics to serve it, it’s no small matter for a hospital to acquire a helicopter. Plus, given the fact that in many cases the helicopter is used to fly patients away from the primary base, effectively subsidizing a larger hospital by serving patients to it, the aircraft can be a money losing proposition. Still, much of modern medicine itself is based on unknown outcomes, and patchwork intervention, so continued use of helicopters certainly isn’t an aberration in that sense. They don’t call it practicing medicine for nothing.