Bed Bug Exterminator in Milwaukee – Reality

Your day has been bad. You had a very bad nightmare the previous night and peed in your own bed and are late for your appointment.

How terrible a morning it was being and then there is an itch in your right arm. You look for the itchy spot and scratch it and relieve your self.

1_5F4_d2CttMSTA6H017k21QAfter that, there are itches in your navel, left knee, right elbow, your butt and your back. There are itches in every part of your body. Oh god! Every part of your body is on fire!

It is indeed a situation that is horrible. If this has happened before to you, you must be having bed bug infestations in your room or your bed. As they can cause a lot of discomfort and inconvenience, you will be eager in figuring ways to kill the bed bugs and if possible, torture them to death.

Getting to know the target for killing the bed bugs:

First of all you must not act on impulse and kill them immediately. You must gather knowledge about a few facts and figures about bed bugs.

For starters, it will suffice if it is known that they are insects. They are very tiny, but can grow to about a quarter of an inch when they are healthy and fully mature. This makes you to wish to kill them in an even more gruesome way.

They are very tiny and don’t have wings. Hence, if you are lucky, you may see them crawling to their thriving places. It is indeed good that they don’t have wings. Otherwise, they would have invaded complete cities at a pace unimaginable. It will be harder to terminate their existence too.

Some facts that will fuel your emotions for killing them are given below.

– They are very persistent and even if a batch of bugs is exterminated from your house, it is highly likely that another batch will take their place.

– They not only hide in the tiniest of cracks and crevices on the wall, floors, furniture and beds, but also live in them. So, if you have a possessive nature, try killing them faster.

– They are nocturnal, that is they are mostly inactive during the day and can be seen wandering and crawling during the night. That is the time in which they look for food and try sucking blood from the most unsuspecting victims which would be you. Murder them!

– They can live for a period, as long as one year without food. They can hide for that long a period so as to ensure that they survive.

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– They are very good travelers as they thrive in luggage, suitcases and baggage. Hence, it is indeed possible that bed bug checks will detect the presence of bed bugs inside aircraft, cruise ships, hotels, motels and even vehicles.

– In the whole of their span of life, the female bugs can actually lay eggs thrice and each time they lay about three hundred eggs. They populate rapidly, so try killing them and thereby reduce their population.

– The eggs of bed bugs can hatch within ten days, which is too fast. They multiply and spread as rapidly as rabbits and when there is a bed bug killing spree, a very small number is reduced. So make sure you make a noticeable dent in their population by killing quite a lot of them, next time you go on a bed bug killing spree.