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There are plenty of resources available for creating a scavenger-hunt, but I have never found a guide on how to host a scavenger hunt.

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The purpose of this guide is to help you minimize the preparation time, so that you can invest her planning time wisely and enthusiastically look forward to giving a truly fabulous party.

If you are looking for scavenger-hunt games, I would recommend, []. has been a round for a while and has a very large selection of murder mystery games and is now creating game kits for scavenger-hunts and treasure hunts. While you can use the concepts in this guide for any scavenger hunt game, this material is based on the features and functionality of scavenger hunt games.Check out theseĀ darien dash charity

1. Overview
Everybody loves to be included in a party. A truly fabulous party gives its guests an opportunity to:

invest in friendships
try something new
act out
take a risk in a safe environment
create lasting memories
But not everybody loves to host a party. Hosts are obligated to consider:

the reality of budget, time, and space constraints
the possibility of ugly ulterior motives involving comparisons
the risk of diminishing the party activities to mere time-fillers
2. Party Information: Establishing the Date, Time, Location, and RSVP details

Send invitations at least two weeks in advance.

As a rule of thumb, allow two hours for the party.

When establishing the time of the party, consider the food expectations of different times of day. For example, guests may need to be served lunch if the party begins at noon. Also, consider energy levels of the guests. Often, the afternoon is best for a children’s party. Teens often prefer evenings to get together.

Specifying an end time helps to set expectations for the party structure.

This is the first decision you will make that will influence the ambiance of the party. Outdoor parties can usually accommodate larger groups, but they are obviously dependent on the cooperation of Mother Nature. Indoor parties can be more intimate, but can expose your home to unusual wear and tear. Unusual locations, such as a park, can lend ambiance to the party, if it’s feasible.