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When it comes to home pest control, the company you hire for inspection and termination will be using different kinds of solutions to get rid of them. One of the most influential processes that they use these days is “biocontrol” that involves using one kind of living organisms to control other pests that are not good for humans. This process is also given the name of “biocontrol home pest control services” and is brought into use to control or terminate the population of pests. Those involved in this process say that this is a very useful and long term method to get rid of unwanted pests from homes, commercial arenas as well as farms.Checkout PCD | | Pest Control Denver for more info.

Types of Biocontrol Agents:
According to the experts from home pest control companies, treatments used in this category are generally divided in two sub-categories and the names are – inundated and classical. Let us take a quick look towards both of them.

Inundated Biocontrol
Companies involved in offering pest control services bring into use, the pathogens that are applied on the targeted weed at a very high rate.
According to the experts, the approach they use is quite similar to applying herbicides and the most common pathogens used in this treatment are the parasitic nematodes and nuts. However, one thing to know about this treatment is that it is ineffective against invasive plants and will not prevent them from increasing later in the future.

Classical biocontrol method
According to the experts involved in home pest treatment, in this type of treatment, they use agent population that actually wavers in a natural prey and predator relationship. In this method, what is involved is adopting natural predatory insects to create a bond between the plants and biological control animals.

Merits and Demerits of Biocontrol Agents:
-The biological control agents are environmentally friendly and cause no side effects.
-Less cost compared to other Agrochemicals – Pesticides and insecticides.
-Easily available, easy to use and is effective throughout the season.
-Helps in reducing the use of chemicals and other pesticides.

-It affects the product quality.
-Pest is not completely destroyed.
-It is effective only for large-scale usage.

List of Biological Control Agents:

Insect Predators
The most impressive option used by the experts of home pest control companies is called insect predators that are generally free-living species.
The best feature is that they can consume preys in large numbers in a single lifespan.
Some of the most common names used are Lacewings, Spiders, Flies, Beetles, and dragonflies, ladybugs, lady beetles, parasitic wasps and parasitic beetles.

They even bring into use virus, Bacteria, and fungi that are relatively pathogenic micro-organisms and host specific to kill their hosts.
Some of the microbial diseases occur naturally, but they are also used as biological pesticides.
Other things that these professionals bring into use in their home pest control services are –

Bacteria belonging to coccobacillus group as they are more pathogenic to insects.
Viruses because they are host specific.
The fungi Entomophaga is effective against pests namely green peach aphid.
Parasitoids as they lay eggs in the body of the host (insect), eventually killing the host.