Life Like Baby Dolls – How to Decide Which Reborn Baby is Right For You

If you are intending to buy life like baby dolls including custom made ones you need to be aware of a number things before you make your purchase. There are many unscrupulous sellers who are trying to get in what is a very lucrative business and sell you are product which is completely worthless. offers excellent info on this.

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In this article we offer a few tips that could help you when you decide to purchase life like baby dolls for the first time.

Tip 1 – Check to see what paints have been used in order to create the skin effect on the doll and how many layers of paint have been used. The paint that should be used is a genesis heat set paint that will not rub off or fade as time passes and no matter how many times you handle the doll. Also lots of layers will ensure that the right depth is created so it looks more like real skin.

Tip 2- Next you need to find out from the seller how the dolls are weighted so that they feel the same as they would if you were holding a real baby. Ideally the best weight materials that are used in good quality life like baby dolls is tiny glass beads and glass dust in the fingers and toes. These help to give a more realistic feel to these areas of the baby when you touch them.

As for the body of these baby dolls they should be filled with polly pellets which feels soft and squashy. But also creates some resistant in the body of the doll just like baby fat does in a real baby. Finally to complete the doll fibre fill is used to help further create a cuddlesome feel to the doll. Also to prevent any of the materials inside the doll from escaping silicone is used around the areas where the various parts of the body join together.

Tip 3- When it comes to buying good quality life like dolls including the custom made versions you need to look at what material is used to create the hair and eyelashes. Good quality dolls hair and eyelashes will have been created using the best quality mohair the creator can purchase. Also one or two strands of this hair will have been inserted in so that they give a more realistic appearance to the baby. In fact if it has been inserted correctly the hair will lay in the natural direction as babies hair grows and will look as if it is growing from the scalp.

Also you should enquire how the hair is held in place after it has been inserted. A well made life like doll will have its hair glued and then sealed inside the scalp and this prevents it from coming out when touched, brushed or washed. If you do wash and style your dolls hair then you should do so very carefully, just in the same way as you would with a real baby.

Above we have offered some tips of what you should be looking for if you are going to be buying life like baby dolls which are becoming increasingly popular online. It is worthwhile actually emailing the seller to answer any questions you may have and where they don’t provide information that you need.