Natural Ways for Fighting the causes of bad breath

Bad breath can ruin your social life and it can even drive your closest friends away from you. If you are clueless if you do have this problem, try to ask someone who is close to you and let her tell you if your breath does smell bad. Keep in mind that bad smelling breath cannot be easily detected, thus it is important to be able to determine if you have one.It may be wise to ask a close friend or your partner to help you determine if you really have a bad smelling breath. If you do, then it is a must that you have to find ways on how to fight bad breath. Here are a few of them,read these tips.17

– Make sure that you thoroughly brush and floss your teeth and make sure that you do it at least 20 seconds. Proper dental care is always important to prevent and avoid an unpleasant smelling breath.

– Brush your tongue. One of the most ignored parts of oral care is tongue cleaning. Get yourself a tongue cleaner to gently scrape off the whitish portion of your tongue, which is also a place for bacteria to thrive.

– Visit your dentist regularly. There is a big difference in having the dentist clean your teeth than doing it on your own. Of course, plaque and tartar can only be eliminated if done by your dentist, and keep in mind that these can be causes of bad breath. Visiting your dentist regularly will also help you detect gum problems early which can also be causes of bad smelling breath.

– Check your tonsils for tonsil stones. Tonsil stones are hard deposits at the crypts of your tonsils that may also be a cause for persistent bad smelling breath. In fact, the major symptom of having tonsil stones is persistent bad breath and that, getting rid of these stones is one good way to eliminate this condition.

– Avoid caffeine that can dry your mouth. Mouthwash that contains alcohol can also dry the mouth and you should also avoid it. Mouthwash can only provide a temporary fix or can only mask the problem but does not really eliminate it for good. Caffeine-containing beverages and alcohol are among those that can cause dry mouth and avoiding them can help a lot in avoiding that bad smelling breath as well.

– Get rid of your smoking habit. Smoking can indeed cause a foul smelling breath aside from the many risks it can do to your health. If you have developed an addiction to smoking, you can seek help from experts to help you overcome the addiction for good and learn how to fight bad breath caused by smoking.

If you have done everything but and your breath problem does not go away, you can also consult your doctor to rule out any possibilities of any other illnesses that may have been causing that bad smell on your breath. Aside from tonsil stones, diabetes and liver diseases can also be causes of a foul smelling breath, so make sure that you consult your doctor for cure.