Cold Brew Coffee Pros and Cons-Insights

Every coffee drinker has had to face the question at one time or another – what to do with a pot of great coffee gone cold? And, no, sticking it in the microwave to try and salvage it never works. Suddenly, your gourmet coffee with the complex, fruity notes tastes one-dimensional. The heady aroma is replaced by a faintly burnt odor, and the rich deep brown hue takes on the color of mud.

 Get Creative

 Before you give up and pour your cold coffee down the drain, try one of these ideas instead: Make iced coffee, of course! Pour the coffee in a tall glass, add a few ice cubes and you favorite sweetener and sip away. If you can afford the calories and you just happen to stock whipped cream in your fridge, add a dollop or two. It will add just enough oomph to your concoction to make it taste truly decadent. A dash of vanilla perks up the flavors even more.

6Remember the soda floats of your childhood? You can enjoy the adult version now with your very own coffee float. Add your favorite ice cream to your cold coffee, stir it around a couple of times and sip the coffee as it is slowly flavored by the melting ice cream. Or, toss the entire concoction in a blender and have a coffee-flavored milkshake. Up the ante by crumbling your favorite cookie in the final whirl – the possibilities are truly endless! is cold brew coffee better for you.

Have you ever had coffee jelly? It is a real treat, especially for coffee lovers. Simply substitute your cold coffee for the liquid required in a pack of instant gelatin. Choose the flavor-free variety unless you’re feeling extra adventurous (coffee-grape Jell-O, anyone?). Pour into a shallow container and leave in the refrigerator until set. Cut the concoction up into cubes when the coffee gelatin has hardened and enjoy with a scoop of ice cream for a treat that’s truly hard to beat.

 If you have a carbonator – a device that can saturate liquid with carbon dioxide (turning it “fizzy”) – you can turn your cold brewed coffee into coffee soda. Who knows? If you chance upon a great recipe, you might just be the next soda magnate.

This is all further proof that good coffee – hot or cold – is still the best invention since sliced bread. Not that coffee lovers need to be convinced of this, of course!