Tips To Take Care Of Pet Urine Smell

You may have healthy pets in your house but you still have to face the awful stink when they urinate. Pet urine smell could prove to be very unhygienic and unhealthy for all the people living in that house, especially where infants and small children are involved.

Harmful for your health

Pet’s urine consists of a large dose of ammonia, which may cause irritation to your lungs or to young children with under-developed lungs. Also, unattended urine can be a haven for bacteria and fungus which can be extremely harmful for the health of adults and young ones. So, it is utmost important that you get rid of the stink and the stain before you face its consequences.

Natural ways of dealing with urine stench

The pets usually like to mark their territories so they keep on attacking the same place to urinate again and again. Unless you find a quick solution to eradicate the awful pet urine smell, you will find it very tough to live a happier and healthy lifestyle, to cleaning up after a pet and making your home smell fresh again.

Although you love your pets very much, you would still find it very repulsive to clean their urine. But if you look around you will find many natural ways to deal with urine stench and stain. Here are few of them:

  1. 10Baking soda mixed with fragrant oils sprayed on the urinated area may take away the unpleasant smell leaving a whiff of fragrance in the air.
  1. You can also mix corn starch and fragrant oils and smear it on the area where your pet has urinated.
  1. Soaking the area with white vinegar and water can also help you get rid of the smell and stain.
  1. Try to train your pets to urinate in a place which can be easily cleaned.
  1. Enzyme cleaners can help you to break the most stubborn smell and stain of urine.
  1. Keeping your pets clean and taking care of their needs, is very difficult to deal with in the case of a stressed cat or an old dog. A stressed cat might urinate outside her litter box and the odor is more prominent and strong when your pet gets old, as their kidneys are not able to function and filter wastes efficiently.
  1. When the urine is fresh, eliminate the traces of it, else your pet might consider it to be its normal urinating place.

So, these are a few ways of dealing with pet urine smell and keeping your house free of stench and bad odor.